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God Created The Heavens And The Earth Religion Essay Example

God Created The Heavens And The Earth Religion Essay Example God Created The Heavens And The Earth Religion Essay God Created The Heavens And The Earth Religion Essay Out of pure clemency, Jesus Christ, the Son of the life God, was born of a virgin, into our sin-sick universe in order to salvage evildoers, in order to salvage you, in order to salvage me. Jesus was and is to the full God and to the full human. Jesus went to the cross of Calvary to cast his blood in order to deliver us from the punishment of wickedness and decease we chose out of freewill when we disobeyed God in the garden. What astonishing grace! We are forgiven and given ageless life, and are set free to populate copiously by God s raising Jesus from the dead! We can so execute the undertaking for which we were born and reborn: to be proclaimers of God s love and grace through the salvation made possible by Christ s caducous blood. When the extravagant returns place, oh what a jubilation! When the profligate in us returns place to the unconditioned loving attention of our Lord and Savior, we are transformed into new creative activities in Christ. Old things have passed off ; beho ld, all things have become new! Out of pure grace, the Holy Spirit lives within us to deliver us on a continual footing from our egoistic ways. The Spirit within us testifies that Jesus Is Lord of all of life, of all we say, of all we do. God s Spirit and power within us points us to the Christ-centered manner, truth and life that leads to the Higher Land we all know in the deepnesss of our existences to be our true place. Our Black Marias are so ungratified until we rest in the healing love that the Holy Spirit pours into every fibre of our being. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we are sustained, our psyches are nourished, we are blessed, we are given the grace to offer ourselves as life forfeits of gratitude to God [ 1 ], and we can be poured out to bless others in Jesus name. : The Holy Bible is the true Word of God.[ 2 ]Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Bible is our authorization for life and our regulation for religion and pattern in a universe in which we are sojourners. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church, and as the Good Shepherd, Christ trusts His shepherds to nurture His flock with the announcement of the good intelligence of the land of God. As the Second Helvetic Confession tells us, the Word preached in our churches IS the word of God.[ 3 ]By God s autonomous grace, we are gathered in peculiar churches to idolize God, and we are sent into the universe as God s accommodating community, entrusted with God s message of rapprochement.[ 4 ]In a battalion of sort and loving Acts of the Apostless, words and workss, the Church as the household of God serves as informants to our neighbours of God s crowned head, salvaging, and gracious love. We capture the attending of the lost sheep among us by the simple storytelling of what God has done in our ai n lives. In that winsome informant, powered by Christ s anointment, the Holy Spirit overwhelmingly draws people to see God s love in a simple, yet life-changing manner. Our Lord has instituted two Sacraments, Baptism and the Lord s Supper, for our nutriment and for the mission God has for each of us and for our folds. The Sacraments are the seeable marks of the unseeable grace of God, and are holy marks and seals of the compact of grace. [ 5 ]The Sacraments are designed to direct our religion to the one forfeit of Jesus Christ on the cross as the lone land of redemption.[ 6 ]Merely like taking a shower and holding the H2O rinse away the soil of the twenty-four hours, in Baptism we are washed clean by the Holy Spirit and the caducous blood of Jesus, who washes off our wickednesss and secures for us forgiveness and ageless life with God. The Scots Confession tells us that in Baptism we are engrafted into Christ, whereby we partake of his righteousness, by which our wickednesss are covered and remitted.[ 7 ]We die to our old life and are raised to new life in Christ. In the Lord s Supper, Christ is so united with us that He becomes the really nourishm ent and nutrient of our psyches.[ 8 ]We are nourished unto life ageless by the broken organic structure, the staff of life of life, and the caducous blood, the cup of redemption, of our risen Lord Jesus Christ. We do this in recollection of Christ, who has become our Passover Lamb. We are reminded each clip we drink the Lord s cup and partake of His organic structure, that Jesus genuinely died on a cross for us-that his organic structure was broken for us, and that his blood was shed for us. In times of proving, we have assurance that our Lord will beef up us through these sacraments, and will corroborate in our Black Marias that nil will divide us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. We wait in awe and admiration for Christ to come once more, and in the interim, we work for peace and justness in Christ s land both in the church and beyond its walls. In all, God is the 1 who calls, who woos, who initiates, who forgives, who is the compassionate I Am, and the One who proves God s fidelity in every flower, in every babe s coo , in every loved one s soft touch, in every sparrow doing its nest, in every heart-felt call of a psyche necessitating its Jesus: Take Our Hands, Precious Lord, lead us place![ 9 ]

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